Want to know everything about beer?
How do you make it, what are its ingredients, how do you taste it?
This is what our brewmaster invites you to reveal to you!
At the heart of the brewery, you will discover each step of beer making and its influence on the finished product.
From the multi-millennial history to its extraordinary recent development, from its manufacture to its tasting, beer will hold no secrets for you.

Discovering the diversity of flavors and sensory experiences offered by the precious beverage, the visit is followed by a tasting workshop during which you will be introduced to the basics of zythology (the “science” of beer) through the different styles of beer brewed on site.

Guided tour 23€/person, including tasting of 5 beers.

Just make an appointment by phone (+351 960 227 991), mail (novavidacervejeira@gmail.com) or on facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/NovaVidaCerveja ).