She is Portuguese, born in Loulé, Algarve, Portugal. He is French. They met 15 years ago, and they are married in the small town of Alte, in the heart of this beautiful Portuguese region.
Since then, they had four children … and a microbrewery!

The story of Nova Vida is first of all that of this Franco-Portuguese family who met his passion for craft beer in the north of France, where they lived for a few years, before deciding to change of life and come back to share this passion and know-how in their region, where everything started in the Algarve.

That’s how Nova Vida was born:

  • A brewery on a human scale, whose primary ambition is to share the love of beer. Through its beers, of course, but also through tasting, brewing and friendly events.
  • A family brewery, which designs, produces, bottles and distributes itself the whole of its beers, without employees or intermediaries.
  • A local brewery, which produces in Loulé in the heart of the city.